Electric Vehicle Enterprises (EVE) was organized in 2007 to participate in the coming electric car revolution by making the essential electronics for the lithium battery system, inverters, and climate control.

The Management of the Company all use electric cars as part of our daily lives. We take great joy driving past a gas station with our kids and friends and telling them: “look at how much people are paying for gas!”

We are committed, seasoned professionals with decades of industry experience.

President – William “Bill” Schlanger
Bill has over 30 years experience in electronics and power, both in management and on technical staff. Prior to this, he was a program manager for Smartflex Systems responsible for assembly business from HP, Iomega, and others. He previously served in a variety of technical and management positions including Vice President of Research and Development at Unison Technologies where he developed the industry’s first uninterruptible power supply using microprocessor control and high frequency energy conversion.

Over the course of his career, he has developed hundreds of products and 8 patents granted and pending. Bill developed many of the components we sell.