1962 Land Rover

“The Rover is a completely fearless car. It has 4 wheel drive and will go through all the mud and snow we have around here. We have rescued many gas powered cars that got stuck. The Rover as an electric car is far better than it ever was as a gas car. It accelerates really fast and goes really fast. With the gas engine it was a real slug. And, best of all I can charge it from my solar panels.”
—Andrea Schlanger, owner

Technical info on the 1962 Rover:
Motor: ADC 9 inch
Batteries: 120 40AH EVE cells
Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601
Range: 50 Miles
Weight: 2900 Lbs
Body: Aluminum
Steering wheel: On the right
Wheelbase: 88 inches
Special Equipment: 4 wheel drive, military tires, XM Radio, ceiling console with light, compass and digital thermometer.

PRICE: $23,000

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