Charging Station

PC Charging Station

The PC-30 is a low cost way to charge your electric vehicle from a standard 240V, 30A electrical outlet. It has a standard J1772 plug on a 15 ft. cord which is compatible with all recently introduced electric cars such as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. You can mount the PC-30 on the wall or you can take it with you.

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Many places have lower rates for electricity at night. The PC-30 has a built in timer that lets you set when it starts and stops charging to take advantage of the lowest rates. There are two kilowatt hour meters. One showing the total kilowatts put into your car and one showing the kilowatts put into your car during the last charge or charge in progress. It’s LCD gives you status of the charging process in plain English and tells you when charging is complete.

Everything you need to use the PC-30 is included. It comes equipped with a cord to plug into a standard 240V, 30A outlet and wall mounting brackets. The case is made of sturdy extruded aluminum and is suitable for damp environments not subject to direct water spray.

Price: $799.00

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